On December 16, 2022 Puligilla village celebrated their sewing graduation. 20 needy women, widows and single mothers received their sewing machines. I wish, I was there for this wonderful celebration but I requested my high school classmate and a good friend, Alexander Bathula to bless the occasion. He is a math professor at Montgomery College, MA. He is visiting India after 18 years. He had several commitments since he is visiting India after 18 yrs. yet he accepted my request. I want to thank him for making time to participate in this celebration. Local Pastor Samuel and church members welcomed him. Alexander and his wife, Esther, Nurse Manger have been financially supporting a dozen evangelists/ church planters and also sponsoring needy students in Nalgonda District, Telangana State from their hard earned money. The church in Puligilla is growing and has its roots from IMI Missionaries now called Christar Inc., with 500 plus missionaries serving among the Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. I have the privilege of serving on this100 plus yrs. old Mission Organization on their Int’l Board located in Malaga, Spain with several Mobilization Centers strategically located around the globe besides the one in Dallas, TX and St. Catherine, Canada. If the Lord leads you to be a part of life changing program that is helping the needy with life skills to support themselves with dignity and respect, would kindly consider sending a gift to Aim Inc., Ministries?