During my recent visit to India from Aug. 14-30, after 5 yrs. I witnessed God at work with Aim Inc., Ministries. Neat things are taking place in spite of unwanted, unexpected and undesired ongoing Christian persecutions. This is Pastor Jonah and family. Take a minute to learn about Pastor. Jonah joined at Bethel Training Center. He wanted to run away like Jonah in the Bible due to the strict discipline at the training. He packed his bag and was about to leave the campus but one of the students informed Mrs. Philip. She sat with him like a mother, took time and explained. She took special interest and care in Jonah. The rest is history. He successfully completed the training and went back to a village where there is NO church. He stared the church with few families and the church grew. Aim Inc., built his 1st church. Jonah is a people’s person. He maintains good relationships with local and state government officials. He even gets good contributions from state and local officials for his programs. A lot of neat things are taking place in his church since the time he started it. I’d like to share one story: one man by name Komariah was taking the snake cobra house to house to get money from its worshipers. He made his living by doing this for about four decades to support his family. Couples of his children were/ are attending the church. One day the snake cobra bit him. He was rushed to the hospital. Doctor told the family he has a couple of hours to live and there is nothing we could do at this point. Take him home and prepare for his funerals. Instead his son took him to the church. The pastor and elders prayed with him and God gave him a 2nd chance to live. Today Komariah is the LIVING GOSPEL. Now he goes around sharing his faith in Jesus and how God granted him a 2nd chance. People were questioning themselves, “Is this NOT the same man who used to bring cobra to our homes asking for money and NOW he is taking about Jesus?” What happened to him? He is so excited and happy about his new found faith in Christ is the testimony of people.

Aim Inc., built his 1st church with your gifts and contributions. He started another church in a new community and worshiping in temporary facilities. Aim Inc., Board of Directors approved funds for several churches 2022. 3 churches are under the construction. The colored photos are where his 2nd church is worshiping under the tent. I gave him the funds for his 2nd church and the next week believers started construction providing unskilled labor. Thanks you all for your continued financial support and prayers. Thanks to Aim Inc., Board of Directors for their continued support for Aim Inc., Ministries. Your $$ are at work for a noble cause through Aim Inc., Ministries. If the Lord leads to be part of Aim Inc., NOW you can give online by checking the website.