During my recent visit to India from Aug. 14-30, after 5 yrs. I witnessed God at work with Aim Inc., Neat things are taking place in spite of unwanted, unexpected and undesired ongoing Christian persecutions.

On Aug. 13, 2022 it was a day of celebration at Pastor Dinaker, Church. 16 needy women and single mothers received 16 sewing machines. It was indeed a day of celebration followed by dinner with local leaders and church community. It was a dream come true to many of these needy women. I want to thank you for making such a difference in their lives. As the saying goes, “Teach the how to fish instead of giving them fish?” That’s what Aim Inc., sustainable projects are doing for needy communities in S. India. Now they sit at their home and earn money to support their families to get the bread on the table with their newly acquired skill. I want to THANK you for your continued encouragement, support and your prayers for Aim Inc., ongoing ministries.