April 4, 2023 was a very special day in Puligilla village with Aim Inc., sponsored “Free Medical Service.” About 250-300 men, women, and children from all castes, faiths and cultural backgrounds attended the Medical Camp with the help of a dozen professional doctors and nurses from all fields of expertise. All kinds of testes, X-Rays, screening, treatment and eye glasses were given after testing. Local and State government officials partook and got their tests done. Also on Dec.16, 2022, Aim Inc., celebrated Sewing Center Graduation with 20 needy families. Puligilla has the population of about 50,000. The village is grown from being a small agricultural village now to a modern society. International Missions Inc., now called Christar Inc., a Missionary sending organization planted the church in the early 1940 and since then the church is active. God blessed the sacrificial efforts of IMI Missionaries in this village. More than a dozen students from Puligilla attended boarding school that was started by IMI Missionaries and several students even went abroad seeking employment. Puligilla has neat history of Christian roots and Missionaries sacrificial services. Sewing Trainings and Medical Camps are conducted to enable, empower, and equip communities to eliminate poverty living conditions thru income generating sustainable community based programs. The sewing training & medical projects are major entry platforms.