This is Pastor Rathnam and his family. Pastor Rathnam is the senior-most and has been with BBF for over two decades. His present church is right in the residential community, and the community is not happy about a Christian church. It stayed as a small church despite community opposition. He has been serving the Lord faithfully, facing all hurdles and community oppositions. Despite resistance, baptisms are periodically conducted with Rev. B. N. Philip and Rev. David Paul Bandela. He wants to see his church grow and desires to reach many people but, based on his two decades of experience, he doesn’t see the growth at the present location. Pastor Rathnam and his family decided to move to a different location to build their home and the church. To that an end, they are selling the present house where the Sunday worship is conducted. Let us uphold Pastor Rathnam and his family in their efforts and endeavors for God’s kingdom thru our prayers.

Aim Inc., supported evangelists and church planters met on March 9, 2021, for their monthly fellowship at Pastor Rathnam’s village. With one mind, one faith, and one heart, they all joined their hands in unity, praying with Pastor Rathnam and his family for their new church. Are all these evangelists and pastors standing in a circle and praying with Pastor Rathnam and his family at the NEW CHURCH SITE? God willing, this new church will be built during this summer of 2021. We need $25,000 to build one church that seats 150-200 people. BBF Pastors are standing on the NEW CHURCH SITE in support of it and praying for God’s provision. This is how your contributions, gifts, and donations get used to touch and transform lives through our trained church planters. Thanks for your continued partnership and participation in Aim Inc., Ministries in S. India. May I kindly request you to pray that there won’t be any hindrances and obstacles in obtaining permission? The present ruling anti-christian government is against all Christians. If the Lord lays a burden on you to be part of it financially, you can now give online on Aim Inc., website: Please see the 8-minute video and Aim Inc., Ministries in South India. We would love to hear from you.