Pastor of the month: This is Pastor Paul and his family standing behind Rev. B.N Philip. Paul has unique testimony. He did not go to school. He cleaned tables in a restaurant. One day a Pastor and his friend went to eat in the restaurant. Before they ate, they prayed for the food. Paul watched them praying. After they finished eating, while leaving the place, he introduced himself, saying that he, too, is Christian. At that point, Pastor Swamidass asked if he would be interested in going to Bible training. Paul said, “I do not know how to read or write.” Despite that, Paul said “Yes” The rest is history. Pastor Swamidass brought Paul to Bethel Bible Training Center. Rev. and Mrs. Philp taught Paul the ‘A, B, Cs’ in his own language. He was using his thumb impression as a signature; it was that bad. Today, Paul is one of the best Pastors and started church with a handful of people in a house. From there, they moved into a cowshed. The church was growing fast, and the believers needed a place to worship. It was then that Aim Inc., decided to build the church. Today about 150-200 people worship the Lord every Sunday. Rev. Dr. Rob Nash took his mission class to Pastor Paul’s church. Paul also started another church in another village where there was NO church. God is using Pastor Paul and his family. Pastor Paul tested positive for COVID-19 and got out of it with much prayer. His wife Ruth also had a nervous breakdown, and she, too, came out of it. “Where there is more grace, Satan is also more active to disturb the work.” Pastor Paul and his wife Ruth have two girls. Will you join me in praying for Pastor Paul, his family, and ministry? Here are the Baptisms from Paul’s church. He baptized two times in 2020 for a total of 25 people. Baptisms are in an open lake. 

April 6, 2021, BBF Church Planters and Evangelists met for their monthly fellowship at Paul’s church. Every month Rev. Philip and Rev. David Bandela plan for their monthly fellowship meeting. This has been a blessing to the group to visit other churches to see what God is doing. I love to hear from you.

Praise God for: 1) BBF Ch. Planters & Evangelists, 2) Monthly Fellowship Meetings, 3) Aim Inc., US Board.

Prayer for: 1) For protections from COVID-19, 2) Baptized believers, 3) Persecutions, 4) Freedom of Religion, 5) Monthly Fellowship Mtgs. 6) Sewing Centers, 7) Medical Camps, 8) Funds for Programs, 9) Training, and 10) Evangelists and Church Planters Ministries and their families.