Bethel Evangelists and Church Planters gathered for the first time in a year. This event was the 1st Fellowship meeting with full attendance. India is the 2nd leading country next to the US in Covid-19 cases. This 1st Fellowship meeting was meaningful and productive. They met from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. After morning worship, they all took turns sharing what God is doing in their respective churches. These are the most challenging and testing times in India for Christians, Muslims, and other faiths due to the present ruling anti-Christian government. Despite these undesired, unwanted, and unexpected ongoing Christian persecutions, God is STILL on His throne, and wonderful things are happening.

Men and women are getting baptized, people are hearing and learning the hidden truth and coming to the saving knowledge of Christ. Many high caste people are accepting Christ after learning about the hidden truth all these years. Praise the Lord. Prayer changes the hardest heart and reaches out to the darkest lives for God’s glory. India needs our URGENT prayers and all Bethel Bible Training graduates. Rev. B. N. Philip is the key person and has played a major role in shaping, leading, and helping them in their earlier years in the training program. I am grateful for these faithful evangelists and church planters serving the Lord faithfully despite obstacles and hardships. Several church members, evangelists, and Pastors are affected by Covid-19. Aim Inc.’s monthly financial support is helping them and their families during this time of crisis. Currently, Rev. David Paul and Pastor David Kinnera are helping Rev. Philip in monthly fellowship meetings. Please pray for their families, ministries, and churches.

Person of the Month: Jyothi is her name. “Meaning shining.” In many ways, Jyothi’s story is a sad story yet a triumphant story because of her faith in Christ and Aim Inc., moral, physical, mental, financial, and above all, spiritual support. Jyothi was married very young when she was 16 years old. Jyothi got pregnant in the same month. Her husband left her after hearing that she was pregnant. He thought she was pregnant before marriage, and that pregnancy was not from him. Jyothi gave birth to Samuel. Many well-wishers, friends, and parents tried to get married, but she refused. He went ahead and got married to another girl even before the divorce. Jyothi was about 18 years and chose to remain a single mother to care for her son. After Christ, Samuel is her comfort, joy, peace, treasure, wealth, and all in all, as she looks to the future. Samuel is now in college, and he is very grateful for his mother’s sacrifice. That’s the sad part of Jyothi’s story. (Rev. B. N. Philip is seated).

Here is her success story. Rev. Philip knew her grandmother well. Jyothi’s grandmother introduced her to Rev. and Mrs. Philip. From that point, her story becomes a successful and triumphant story. They helped her with sewing training, and after the training, through Aim Inc.’s financial support, a sewing machine was bought and given to her. Now she is happy and taking care of her son. She helps others learn to sew and shares Gospel with them. She struggled through health issues, but now all those are taken care of. She is truly grateful for Aim Inc.’s financial help, especially during the pandemic.

Praise God for:
1. 40 Baptisms from 4 churches
2. Feb. 5th 1st meaningful fellowship.

Pray for:
1. All baptized new believers in 2020
2. Aim Inc., Churches and Pastors
3. Rev. B. N. Philp and his health.
4. March Medical Camp.
5. God’s protection from Covid -19.
6. Ongoing Christian persecutions.
7. Aim Inc., Board, and Leadership.