Since 2020, COVID-19 had been a major global health issue. It’s still a significant health issue in India, and with her 1.2 billion people, India is still fighting the virus. In 2021 over 5,000 people have died every day continually for several months now. Nonstop cremation has continued in all major cities. COVID-19 crippled the country in many ways, and the challenge remains the same to this day.

On top of that, “Oxygen” has been unavailable. Knowing the URGENT need for Oxygen, Rev. Dr. Gus Reyes, from Dallas, made a contribution of $630 to Aim Inc., via SGB Church, and the church matched the gift. Following that, Rev. Dr. Rob Nash, President of Aim Inc., sent a well-received appeal letter. As a result, several individuals and churches responded quickly. Aim Inc., Board of Directors took the challenge to help with Oxygen Cylinders to COVID-19 victims. We bought a half dozen Oxygen Cylinders and gave them to Covid victims. Several are recovering. One died before we reached out to him. There is still a great need for Oxygen, and if the Lord leads you to be part of Aim Inc., please check the website:

Rev. B. N. Philip is Senior Pastor of Bethel Bible Church, a nondenominational independent church. Besides his church ministry, he has been the Bethel Training Center Director for the past 20+ years. Rev. Philip is committed to the Church Ministry and Discipleship Training. Rev. Philip is instrumental in training about 200 men and women. This year they had a half dozen students enrolled in the training program. Still, due to COVID-19, ONLY 2 students stayed and completed training.  Here is the graduation photo held on June 24, 2021. Pray for them and their plans. Rev. Mark and Rev. Rajarathnam helped with training over the years. 90% of those trained are currently serving the Lord either BBF or with a different Christian organization. The Bethel Church was Rev. Philip’s lifetime dream, and he built the church with his retirement funds. God has been using him for the last 20 plus years in the ministry. He is 80 plus years and badly needed help with Church and Training Center. Just in time, God answered prayer. 

Rev. David Kinnera joined the church, and in a short time, he was asked to be an associate Pastor of Bethel Bible Fellowship Church. Rev. Kinnera earned a B.Th., M.Div. from well-recognized seminaries in South India. God has been using Rev. Kinnera in many ways in His service. He is a talented speaker. Rev. Kinnera also helped me several times with Aim Inc., Pastor’s training, and translation materials. He is married and blessed with two daughters. Rev. Kinnera also helps with the training program and other church-related programs. BBF is blessed to have Rev. Kinnera as an associate Pastor, and he is committed to serving the Lord. 

Rev. David Paul Bandela is the Founder, President, and Director of Grace and Truth Ministries Inc., (GTM Inc.,). Rev. Bandela earned a B.Th., and M.Div., from recognized Seminaries. He runs Grace Mission High School with about 500 boys and girls. The GTM is an over 20-year-old ministry. God used and continues to use Grace Missions School as a witness to the local community. Most of the students enrolled are either Hindu or Muslim, but they all will hear the Gospel at one point or the other before they leave the school. Students who graduated from Grace Mission School are well placed with dignified positions in government institutions. Several of those students are even in the USA, among other countries, pursuing further education. God has been using the school as a beacon of light to the local community. Rev. David is gifted. He preaches at one of the churches built by Aim Inc., and other churches, as the Lord opens the doors. He stays busy with school and has been helping his dad and me with Aim Inc.,