Paul came to Bethel training as an illiterate. He did not know how to read or write. Mrs. Philip (now with Lord) taught him how to read and write! Today, Pastor Paul is one of the best preachers trained by Bethel. Paul started the church with few families but today, about 150-175 worship in the church. The church is now not enough to accommodate all believers to worship on Sunday. That’s a good sign that God is working and using Pastor Paul and his wife, Ruth. They have two girls. Both Paul and his wife had health issues. Paul tested positive for COVID-19 and survived. The church is growing, and lately, the local Hindu militant youth has been causing problemsPlease pray for Pastor Paul, his family, and church ministry.

Now they have church building built by Aim Inc., Your gifts are helping to build churches. Thanks for your help.

Before, they worshiped in a cowshed and sincerely prayed for a church building, and God answered their prayers. Aim Inc., built their Church. Now they have a decent place for worship.

Baptisms are in an open lake. Pastor Paul has been baptizing people 2 times a year. God is at work in this village, but at the same time, Satan is also active.

Baptized Believers: Men and women.

Pastor Swamidass, Pastor Paul and Rev. David Bandela