Shanker, 43, and Kamala, 40, are Aim Inc.’s first COVID-19 Recipients: Both are Gypsy converts. Now, the whole family follows the Lord; one son and two daughters. After trying and testing the Christian faith on and off, Shanker finally decided to follow Christ but NOT a religion. “Following Christ is NOT a religion, but it’s a relationship with loving God,” says Shanker. Sagar Reddy and his family converted to the Protestant faith from Roman Catholicism. Sagar and his family are real estate developers, well-to-do and influential family. Segar’s mother, Nakshtramma, is the KEY in the family to follow Christ and slowly but steadily led the whole family to follow Christ. She is a woman of faith and prayer. She spends most of her time in prayer and prays with people. Despite many hardships, struggles, tests, tragedies, and troubles from family and friends for their conversion, they remained faithful in following Christ. The family built a beautiful church, and about 400-500 people worship every Sunday. In the last three years, Sagar and I developed a close friendship in the Lord, besides family real estate development. Sagar, 35, is an engineer, a dedicated Christian, and a strong believer.

Almost all face problems from family and friends when converted to the Christian faith. Sagar family, having gone through problems, understood Shaker’s situation. After hearing and seeing the difficulties of Shanker’s family, Sagar employed Shanker as a watchman at a family-owned real estate development. Staying and working with people at the site, both were infected with COVID-19. Sagar went out of his way to show Christ’s love and took care of them. Though it was challenging getting them in the right hospital, at the right time, for the right treatment, Sagar used his influence and, with difficulty, managed to get them admitted to the hospital. They stayed 10 days in the hospital, now taking treatment at home. Shanker and his wife, Kamala, are the first COVID-19 recipients funded by Aim Inc. As per doctor recommendation, both need to be on Oxygen for an indefinite amount of time. Oxygen Cylinder, Oximeter, injections, and needed medication costs Rs.50,000/- per person. That is just about $676. Thanks to you all for making it possible. Without your prayer, support, and gifts, it would have been highly impossible to help those in need and who cannot afford to pay for it. Sagar will buy Oxygen cylinders and necessary supplies to help COVID-19 patients as needed.

Knowing of the URGENT need of Oxygen for COVID-19 patients in India, Rev. Dr. Gus Reyes, moved by the URGENCY of the situation, sent $650 to South Garland Baptist Church, Texas. Pam from church called to tell me that their church is matching with $650. Seeing that it’s God’s doing, Rev. Dr. Rob Nash, President of Aim Inc., and I sent an email to about 100 individuals and churches about the need. Individuals and churches generously responded with their contributions “Designated for Oxygen cylinders and related equipment.” Aim Inc., Board of Directors wants to help COVID-19 patients in India by placing an Oxygen Cylinder, Oximeter, needed injections, and medications for their full recovery. Thanks for your partnership. The need is urgent, and if you are led by the Lord, please send in your gifts to the above address or give online. That’s how it all started. Thanks

Praise God for: *About a dozen individuals responded. *Churches in GA: Dunwoody Bapt. Heritage Bapt, Canton, Central Bapt. Newnan, First Bapt. Cornelia, Westwood Bapt.NC., SGBC, TX *responded and sent contributions* Aim Inc., US Board 

Pray for:  * Close friends/ classmates families taken by COVID-19, * India is still struggling to deal with it, * People in hospitals and on ventilators, * Aim Inc., services in Telangana/ Andhra States, *Aim Inc., Funded Bethel Bible Fellowship Ministries, *Rev. Philip Rev. David Bandela and Sagar as they prayerfully minister to the needs of people.