Pastor of the month: Jonah came to the Bethel training program as a single individual. After staying at the training program for several days, Jonah decided to run away from the training. He packed his bag and wanted to leave the place secretly, knowing that Mrs. Philip (who is in Heaven) talked with him and spent some valuable time one on one like a mother. Rev. and Mrs. Philip trained about 200 people at the Bethel. Jonah is one of them. Besides training, Aim Inc., is helping them monthly and is building churches for them, as the Lord provides funds. Aim Inc., already built over a dozen churches. Jonah was sent to the training by Pastor G. Anandam, who was and is Jonah’s mentor.

After training, Jonah went back to Chelpur, Jammikunta, and started the church. He got married and was blessed with two children: Joseph and Rachel. Pastor Jonah faced several unwanted hurdles, obstacles, and oppositions from the local community. Yet, with God’s help and by many prayers, he remained true to his call. Pastor Jonah received a grant from a local political leader to lay the foundation and put the slab. Aim Inc., completed the church construction with your gifts. The church was dedicated in Sept 2017. God heard their prayers and blessed them with a beautiful church. Now the local believers have a decent place to worship the Lord. Every Saturday, Pastor Jonah and local church members go out in the open–air/street, preaching to different communities to share their faith in the Lord. Pastor Jonah leads and plays (dappu) a local instrument as the believers follow him singing, sharing, and preaching. Would you please pray for Pastor Jonah and his church?

This is Pastor Jonah’s father’s Baptism. Being a head of their community and a leader, he refused the Christian faith. Jonah and his family prayed for 22 years for his conversion. God honored and answered their prayer. A couple of years ago, he accepted Christ and was baptized by Pastor Anandam. Jonah’s father became a walking Gospel in the village before his death. He shocked and surprised the villagers with his newfound faith in Christ. On Aug. 16, 2021, Jonah’s father died. The family celebrated his death, knowing that they’ll see him again. God is touching and transforming the lives of Hindu priests, snake charmers, and village leaders. Your financial support and prayers are bearing results. It is God’s work. Pastor Jonah is being used as God’s servant to lead and guide them to grow in the Lord.  I kindly request your prayers for Pastor Jonah and his family.

Praise God for….

  1. Answered prayers for Pastor Jonah’s father. That left a big impact on his community;
  2. God’s continued protection to our evangelists and church planters families amid COVID-19;
  3. God continues to work in many villages with our evangelist and church planter’s efforts; and
  4. Thank God for the good response from individuals and churches toward COVID-19 efforts

Please pray for ….

  1. COVID-19 efforts. Before help got to the people, COVID-19 had taken a dozen men and women individuals, especially close friends, classmates, and known people. Most of them are under the age of 60 years;
  2. Right now, there is a BIG problem going on in 2 Telugu-speaking South Indian States: Telangana and Andhra, on religious issues. One young Pastor is in jail for speaking the truth and explaining or answering their questions;
  3. Unity among the Christians is URGENT to address these ongoing religious matters;
  4. Remember all Bethel trained evangelist and church planters families scattered in 2 Telugu speaking states;
  5. Aim Inc., USA board and their sacrificial time to help, encourage and support Aim Inc., ongoing Ministries; 
  6. Due to COVID-19, we have not received any money from individuals and churches toward Aim Inc., Ministries in 2020 and 2021 except a couple of faithful churches that have been supporting Aim Inc., for many years; and
  7. 3 Bethel-trained evangelists and church planters are praying for a church building for worship.