Pictured here is Thirupathamma with her three little ones, each under four years old. Her husband died last week. Venkatayya and his wife faithfully attended the church ever since it was built and dedicated in 2017 at Goneboinpally village. It was an arranged marriage, as is the custom, and it was a good marriage until the last day of his death. Now, what is my future?  She is hardly 30 years old. No one will ever remarry her with three children. As is, it’s very hard as a single mother, and now she is left with no other option except to play a double role for her children: mother and father. And besides that, she has to earn her bread to support herself and three little ones. Now she is the sole breadwinner to support themselves. Venkatayya was born without one foot. He had only one foot and yet managed his life and took care of the family. He was a loving husband, a caring father, and always out there to help those in need. Both were involved in church-related programs. I had seen and met him and his family more than once. For several months they provided lunch for the entire church every Sunday with their own money. His leg with the missing foot had an injury, and that turned into a big wound. He did not take care of it while it was small and treatable. By ignoring the wound, it became untreatable. His entire body was poisoned, which resulted in his death. He owned an auto rickshaw (mini taxi) to support his family. Aim Inc. decided to put her through sewing training, a hands-on skill, to help support her family with a regular, sustainable income. M/S Lalithamma, evangelist Rev. David Bandela, and Pastor Mathai are helping Thirupathamma step by step during this time of crisis. I am truly grateful for your continued support, encouragement, and prayer for Aim, Inc. Your continued partnership and participation will enable Aim Inc. to support such needy families through practical ways, means, and methods. We are together in touching and transforming lives for eternity. Now you can give online by clicking here.

On November 25, 2020, Six people: four ladies and two men, were baptized at “Olivala Prayer Hall.” This is the second set of baptisms at this church in 2020. Pastor Paul and his wife, Ruth, were trained at Bethel Bible Training Center. After the training, they decided to go to Maheshwaram village under the Holy Spirit’s leadership, and with the direction of their senior Pastor Swamidass. God has been doing wonders at this church. Without a doubt, God is at work in this village despite local oppositions and other hindrances. They met in a house and then moved to a cowshed and finally to a church building. After much thought and prayer, seeing the growth, Aim Inc., Ministries built a brand new church. They have outgrown the present church facilities and are praying for an extension as and when God provides funds. Rev. Dr. Rob Nash, President of Aim Inc., Ministries, took his Mission’s class to India and visited this church.

Note: Baptized believers names from left to right: Botla Raju, Botla Rama, Nalla Rakshitha, Nalla Meghana, Kongara Sunil and Kongara Uma.

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