Person of the Month: Lalitha Ravoori is her name. Lalitha is the one and the only girl among six brothers in the family. She has three older and three younger brothers. God put her right in the middle of her brothers to take care of their one and only sister as bodyguards. On March 12th, 1992, at the age of 14. Lalitha was married in a marriage arranged by her parents. By the time she turned 17, she was blessed with three children: two girls and a boy. In 2009, Lalitha’s husband died at a very young age leaving her with three small children. She refused a second marriage and intentionally stayed a single mother to take care of her three children and dedicated her life to serving God. She is 41 years old today. Her family gave her a piece of property to build a house. She started building a home for herself when in a dream, Christ said, “You are building a house for yourself, but what about building the church that you wanted to build?” She stopped building her house. She kept praying and waiting on the Lord for help and guidance. It was then that Rev. David Bandela introduced Lalitha to Aim Inc., after hearing her story and about her sacrifice to the Lord. I was fully convinced of her commitment to the Lord and prayerfully decided to build the church. In February 2017, Aim Inc., started the church on the foundation Lalitha had laid. It was completed and dedicated on September 24th, 2017.

Today, a lot of good things are happening through this church. Indeed, God has been honoring Lalitha’s prayer life: her call to serve the Lord, her visits to houses to pray, conducting Bible studies, and above all, spending more time at her new church. Every year people are getting baptized in an open lake for God’s glory. Lalitha is engaged in discipling women and teenage girls. With a real burden for her community and the village, Lalitha requested a “Medical Camp” and “Sewing Training Center” to share God’s love with practical ways, means, and methods.
God has been using Lalitha to touch and to transform lives for Christ. Rev. David Bandela and others are helping on Sundays. I am very grateful for your participation and partnership with Aim Inc., Ministries in South India. Did you ever wonder: when, where, how, and for what purpose your gifts and contributions are used? This is one of many stories of how your gifts make a difference in touching lives for Christ through Aim Inc., Ministries.

Though India is the second leading country in COVID-19 cases, things are opening up with locally imposed rules and regulations. For a while, the pandemic put projects and programs on hold temporarily for AIM Inc. But now, slowly, they are opening, and hopefully, they will continue without further problems.

Here is the opening of the Sewing Training Center.

Here you see the medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other para-medical staff for the medical camp conducted on February 27th, 2021. The local India team put in a lot of time and effort in preparation for this Medical Camp and Sewing Center Training. Typically, I witness these personally, but due to COVID-19, I could not. I plan to travel to India in October 2021.

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