Dear Aim Inc., Prayer Partners:

This is the 2021 year-end report. This is what your gifts, donations, and contributions made in 2021.

I want to thank you for your generous contributions during 2021 despite a difficult year due to COVID-19.

I sincerely request for those baptized during 2021. Here is the list of churches and the baptisms: 

A. Baptisms in 2021:

  • Pastor Paul, Maheshwaram January 7 and June 12, 16 at Maheshwaram Church. On December 16, 2021, Pastor Paul will baptize 20 persons in 3 locations.
  • Pastor Rathnam baptized 7 persons in June 2021, Ghanpur Village.
  • Pastor Joanh baptized 7 persons, Chelpur Village.
  • Rev. David Bandela and Evangelist Lalithamma baptized 8 people at Gonboinpally Village.

Total baptisms in 2021: 58. These many persons are added to God’s kingdom. This is the result of your contributions.

B. Celebrations in 2021

  1. Rev. David Bandela and Evangelist Lathamma Church – Living Waters Ministries
  2. March 2021 – Medical Camp
  3. June 2021 COVID-19 Food Distribution. Funds were donated by a believer to buy supplies for 600 families.
  4. September 2021, Church 4th Anniversary
  5. September 2021, 8 persons took baptisms during church 4th-anniversary celebration
  6. Pastor Joanh and local believers go out for open-air preaching every Saturday in a different village

C. COVID-19 Oxygen Cylinders: Several Oxygen Cylinders, Oxymeters, related medicine, and other needed supplies were bought and supplied to the needy people. We continue to monitor and supply oxygen cylinders and other materials as needed.

D. Three Sewing Graduations are scheduled for January 2022

May I kindly request you to remember these churches that Aim Inc., built and God’s work that is going on BECAUSE of your generous contributions? 2021 is a year of celebration for Asian Indian Ministries, Inc., (Aim Inc.,). Please take a minute or so to visit Aim Inc., website: If the Lord leads you to be part of this life-changing ministry in South India, please make your contribution to Aim Inc., P.O. Box 1289, Norcross, GA 30091. I wish you all a blessed and a wonderful Christmas 2021 and a healthy New Year 2022 in advance. Because of Jesus Christ.

– Sam Bandela

COVID-19 Oxygen Cylinders, Medical Camp & Food Supply:

The churches that were built by your gifts and contributions are active despite COVID-19. God has been doing wonderful things BECAUSE of your partnership, participation, and most generous contributions. I sincerely request you to pray for these churches, especially those 38 newly baptized believers and 20 persons yet to be baptized on December 16, 2021, by Pastor Paul of Maheshwaram. God is at work in India. Thank you all.