October 2021 Special – The 4th Anniversary of the church in Gonboinpally, on September 24, 2017, I had the unique privilege to attend the dedication. God continues to glorify Himself thru this church. Two times a year, they conduct baptism since the time the church was constructed and dedicated. Sister Lalitha donated the land and also laid the foundation with her own money. Aim Inc., constructed the church from your generous contributions and gifts to Aim Inc., ongoing ministries in S. India. Pray for Sister Lalitha and Rev. David Bandela as they provide leadership. Despite COVID-19 restrictions and ongoing Christian persecutions, God continues to open new doors for the ministry. Aim Inc., Board of Directors, and I want to thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and prayer.

These photos are from their 4th Anniversary celebration. This time eight members were baptized. Please pray for these new believers and the church ministry. Bethel Evangelists and Ch. Planters participated in the 4th-anniversary church celebration. There is an urgent need for new church building(s). I am a firm believer in church building. While Hindus and Muslims have big temples and Mosques, why shouldn’t God’s people who belong to the loving and living God have a simple and decent place of worship? Your prayers and gifts can make it happen and meet this need for God’s glory. Please take time to check Aim Inc., website: aimminsitries.net for more information. God is at work in India, and a lot of neat things are taking place. The Hindu militant youth continues to trouble Christians, Pastors, and church worship. India needs our URGENT prayers. Ravi, who is seeking truth, took care of the celebration expenses for food and related things. Please pray for Ravi, his brother, and his parents. They are from high caste and searching for truth for some time. The Holy Spirit is working in their lives. We need to do our part and leave the rest the Holy Spirit.